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Pixie Day

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Pixie DayOttery St Mary

Welcome to the Official Pixie Day Website...

What is Pixie Day?
In the strange world of the past the town of Ottery St Mary was much troubled by Pixies who did not live at all harmoniously with the early human settlers in the area. The town was finally rid of this menace on midsummer's day 1454.  Every year this is commemorated by Pixie Day which is a town pageant that is also a fundraising event for the local Scout and Guide organization.

Midsummer every year this deliverance is celebrated in the town by young children dressing up to re-enact the unsuccessful 1454 Pixies revenge.  

PixiesThese days the Pixies are drawn from the younger ranks of the Ottery St Mary Scout and Guide movement.  It is considered a very great honour to be an Ottery St Mary Pixie, one that is fondly remembered by past Pixies throughout East Devon and much further a field.

The re-enactment of the Pixie Revenge takes place at 18:15 in Broad St, Ottery St Mary.  The Pixie hoards assemble making a frightening and unholy racket and are then addressed by the Chief Pixie who whips them into a frenzy.  They then set off towards the Church with the intention of doing great harm to the Bell ringers. In short order the ringers are captured and paraded though the streets before re-enacting their final escape from the Pixies.  Finally humiliated the Pixies flee the town.

Before and after the 'Revenge' there is a Fete. This event which always incFeteludes live music, a beer tent and magnificent fireworks take place on the land of Canaan in Ottery, it begins at 14:30 and continues with a pause while the Revenge takes place until about 22:00.
Visitors are always welcome to come and join the fun.

The full history of Ottery's Pixie trouble is set out in the Legend


Pixie Day is organized by the Ottery St Mary Joint Scout and Guide Committee A.K.A

'The Pixie Day Committee'

The committee are also responsible for the content of this website