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Pixie Day

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Pixie Day Photo Gallery 2006

Chief Pixie   The Pixies run to the Church     Pixies Revenge

Pixies await the Bell Ringers00Mischievous Pixies Pixies Scream 

Bell Ringers are capturedBell Ringers are taken to the square Pixies Cast a Spell 

Pixies are frustrated their plan does not work!


A Magician comes to cheer them up........

                  Magician Spreads his magicMagician gets on his unicycleMagician Cycles


Afternoon Fun at the Fete!

000000000Steam TrainFace Painting

The Magician Returns... 

00000000Magician walks the ropeCrowds enjoy the funMagician up to his tricks

Crowds join the act Magician juggles with fire Organist plays to the crowds

                           Hook a duck0Where the cow Pat?

Raising money for the Scouts  Bands Play

Pixies Smile 

See You Next Year!

Images supplied by Phyllis Baxter

 Pixie Day  If you would like a copy of any of the photographs used on this site please enquiries@pixieday.org