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Pixie Day

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Pixie Scarer Competition 2011


Pixie Scarer 

Although the Pixies were scared, they still laughed in the face of our Scarers and captured the Bell Ringers!

Thankfully the Bell Ringers escaped but the Pixies will be back year on year with even more determination to win this ongoing battle.


Please join our competition and make the Scarers the most frightening yet, In the words of Reverend Simon Franklin something "really petrifying to Pixies"!       Help protect our beautiful town and help us live in peace...

People of Ottery please make and display Scarers to frighten off the small fiends
Pixies have a fear and loathing of all things Church, Christian and particularly the loud bells in St Mary’s Parish Church

We are looking for entries from domestic dwellings and businesses we will let you know when you need to display them - We must stop these pesky Pixies!

If you want to enter the competition to scare the Pixies away, please collect a entry form from the Ottery Tourist Inforamtion Office and return BY Monday 6th June. 

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Presentation of the trophey for best Pixie Scarer will be made on the evening of Pixie Day 

This is not a Scarecrow event, only Pixie Scarers will be judged