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Pixie Day

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Pixie Day Photo Gallery 2008

Chief Pixie Pixies run around Ottery They're coming

2008 & The Pixies are here again! Year on year they come to Ottery, to stop the bells ringing...

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Pixies come in their droves

Angry Pixies 

Brave lady tries to chase them away! 

Were here...

They laugh at the scarers!

Oh No! They're screaming... 

Cheeky Pixies 

Oh no they have the vicar! 

The Bell ringers are taken to the cave

Ha! their plan doesn't work but the kind people of Ottery ask a magician to try to cheer them up and live in harmony...


Elfic entertains 

Elfic the magician 

                                                                      Elfic on his uni-cycle

Elfic also juggles 


Elfic has the Pixies attention!

Elfic juggles dangerously 

Elfic Juggles with fire


The Pixies are still frustrated and leave Ottery silently with their tails between their legs! No doubt they will try again next year......

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Fun for all at the Fete


 Is that rain?

crowds enjoy the fete 

Not even the rain deters the crowds Hoopla


Rio Smash

Horse & Cart 

Horse & cart




Beer Tent

Win a Football

everyone enjoys the fete

everyone enjoys the fete

Fun on the Field

Hook a Duck

Bouncy Castle

Fun packed afternoon

Pet Show


I think we have some competition!

 Local Band Razzamajazz keep crowds entertainedRazzamajaz


Band Plays



 To every one Thank you

Thank you everyone for your support
see you next year when the pesky pixies will return to  try again!

Images supplied by Phyllis Baxter

 Pixie Day  If you would like a copy of any of the photographs used on this site please enquiries@pixieday.org