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Pixie Day

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Photo Gallery 2009  

Royal Mail new stamp collection  

Royal Mail new stamp collection

Royal Mail new stamp collection

In the week before Pixie  Day in Ottery St Mary some of the local children taking part in the festival pose in costume with giant versions of the new Royal Mail Mythical Creatures Stamps.  

The stamps  were designed by Morgan Radcliffe

Pixie very proud of their stamp

   Cheif Pixie

Pixie Day 2009

Them Pesky Pixies are back again and this time they have built themselves a new cave in a different place - trying some new tactics!

 Watch out they're coming....

 The Pixies are coming...


Pixies make meet to make their plans

Planning is everything!

They happily agree...

 Cheif Pixie has the last say

 Happy Pixies

 Happy Pixies

 Happy Pixies

 Happy Pixies

 Happy Pixies

 They're waiting!

 they spot the bell ringers!

 Look out Pixies about

 Pixies run riot

 More Pixies join in

 Oh, oooo...

 Pixies running wild in Ottery

 Wow how many are there?

 Pesky Pixies

Bishop Bob is visiting town....   
"If we should be successful in keeping this prisoner in the cave with the others, then  triumph would be even more of a victory". 

 What are they up to?

 Pixies ready to pounce...

 Pixies await instructions

 They're waiting

 Ready to go

 And they're off!

The Pixies are really excited this year as they have heard the following news!    Emotion
This year would be special as the pixies would have the opportunity to capture a real live Bishop....

 Watch out Bell Ringers

The Exeter Diocese of the Church of England has celebrated its 1100th anniversary in 2009.  Before this the Diocese stretched from Sherborne right to Landís End.  There are 25 deaneries in Exeter Diocese and each one has had a bishop to visit for five days and our Ottery Deanery welcomed Bishop Bob of Crediton.  

 The Bell Ringers are captured


Bishop Bob is in town....

Lets Get Him!   

 Bishop Bob is taken to the cave

 Lets Get Him!

 Oh No! Bishop Bob is captured

Bishop Bob talks to his captors and showing them the face of Godís kindness so perhaps when they grow up these pixies will no longer represent the evil powers!Bishop Bob, having every confidence in the conquering power of good over evil, was nevertheless a little nervous as to how he would be put in the cave.

All the Bell Ringers are captured

 Bell Ringers

 All the Bell Ringers are captured

Every Last Bell Ringer... 

Good over evil wins again and the Bell Ringers escape....

The good people of Ottery arrange a show and a fete to try to cheer the pixies up!  


Pixies enjoing the entertainment

Hey the Pixies are laughing

Laughing and cheering

 Interested Pixies

 The Pixies Cheer



 Pixies and People enjoy together

 Crowds enjoy the entertainment

 The entertainer

 Pixies laugh with glee

 Pixies are amazed

 Delighted Pixies

 shocked & amazed

 Everyone enjoys in harmony


 Pixies enjoying the fun

 Pixies enjoying the fun

 Pixies enjoying the fun

 Pixies enjoying the fun


 Pixies enjoying the fun

 Pixies enjoying the fun

 Pixies enjoying the fun

 Pixies enjoying the fun







The Pixies enjoy the entertainment, they smile, laugh and squeal with glee or was it....? When they left the town they were heard saying that they would be back next year and next year they WILL be successful!

  For now we forget their threats and enjoy the fete

 For now we forget their threats and enjoy the fete

 Programmes for sale

 the fete


 Organiser - Thank you


 0049 Band



 Pet show


 0061 pets & oweners enjoy the show


 0064 win a football

 0065 Ottery Brownies info

 0067 lots of information

Images supplied by Phyllis Baxter

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