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Pixie Day

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A record crowd of at least 1000 people watched the Revenge at best Pixie Day yet! 

“One of the best Pixie Days Yet!” Is how Pixie Day July 2011 was described.

Once again Pixies come to our quiet town of Ottery St Mary  



The Pixies plot their   attack, "This year we will capture the Bell Ringers!"


 Cheif pixie



The bells continue to be just too much for us to bear! We must seize this yearly opportunity to capture the bell ringers!!



Chief Pixie gives the command! 


 The Pixies began their attack, racing and screaming through the streets of Ottery, trying once again to capture the bell ringers.

 The Pixies began their attack

 The Pixies began their attack


The Pixies began their attack 




They truly are determined to complete their mission and capture the Bell Ringers and rule the land of Ottery!!!  

 The Pixies began their attack

 The Pixies began their attack

 The Pixies began their attack

However once again the Bell Ringers escape, Hurrah the Pixies have to leave our Town again, but be careful they will try again next year!

Not such a good day for them pesky Pixies!

Now we have time for the fun to begin.... 





Taiko drummers, the junior section of the Town Band and the Wandering Magician Entertained the crowds in the afternoon. 




Elfic the Jester, the ever popular juggler and unicyclist also provided entertainment both in the square and afterwards at the fete in the evening, thank you to Sainsbury’s who sponsored Elfic.

The afternoon and evening provided lots of entertainment, the fete and music were much appreciated, followed by the traditional firework display.